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EMMA DOYLE - The Energy and High Performance Under-Pressure Coach who is a world leader in Unleashing Human Potential. 

In a world where executives and companies face countless challenges, Energy and Performance Coach, Emma Doyle, provides a unique approach that not only guides clients through these obstacles but also coaches them on how to perform with pressure.


Emma has partnered with Open Door Coaching to train managers and leaders in the US on how to create a coaching culture in the workplace. Emma is a coach, author, mentor, and sought-after keynote speaker around the world. 

Emma is deeply qualified to know ‘What Makes a Great Coach?’ which is the title of her book. She believes that incorporating coaching skills together with developing an individual’s or organization’s energy, purpose and performance-with-pressure, are essential practices of the successful coach and leader. Emma believes that change happens over time, with daily actions and proven coaching tools in order to INSPIRE, IMPROVE, and IMPACT your people.

Emma is a High-Performance Coach with a strong background as a tennis touring professional, a talent development coach and she has represented Australia as a National coach on 20 occasions. Emma’s pioneering approach to communication and coaching encourages people to take action. She provides practical coaching tools to help coach the coaches so that they can engage and empower others. She specialises in helping people to develop a high-performing mindset, enhance energy, and perform with pressure both at home and in the workplace.

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