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ANGELA FERDIG is a creative tour de force. As a photographer, her eye is keen to focus on the details and nuances of your brand, capturing the DNA of your organization's story. Ferdig's visual acumen allows brands to be illuminated from competitors. From her lens all things are possible.


As a creative director, Ferdig is armed with exceptional strategy plus imaginative and smart designs. From naming, logo concepts and corporate headshots to brand collateral, marketing assets and soon to be introduced culinary-based team building practices. These innovative experiences combine food, ambiance, fragrance, sights, etc. to facilitate the brainstorming and creative process while providing magical spaces and sessions for companies to conduct their weekly/ monthly meetings. Everything is part of a brand’s narrative and curated purposefully, including the company's think tank. 


She manages each client and their objectives with distinction, respect and individuality. Her expertise will unilaterally elevate the bottom line by connecting more thoughtfully with core audiences while attracting new market prospects. 


As a team player, Ferdig is a tenacious advocate for her clients and revels in their success. 


Everything is on the table.


Ferdig is the partner you want for your brand. 

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